Saturday, August 11, 2007

Using Voicethread with Comment Moderation

I took a walk down from my house yesterday afternoon and shot this Voicethread, which I have set up to see how easy it is to shoot, voice over and embed into the blog.


Allanah said...

Left a Voicethread message for you to moderate- hopefully!!!!

thanks for sharing- it looked easy- was it?

Great to see where you live- such a nice change from NZ's middle of winter.

You have inspired me to have a more of a look at Voicethread for digital storytelling.


Two Whizzy said...

Thanks for this, really enjoyed the visit.

Seems like a really useful tool can't wait to have a go.

Wonder how this might work, using old or scanned photos and paintings alongside present day images, challenging the framing of a shot to match, and comparing times present with times past.
Seems that it could also be interesting to use with students in a comparing places project, perhaps where synchronous activities are problematic.
I have a colleague who was interested in developing a project around the idea of a "little patch of ground," as a "my place in space project," the idea of using a tool such as this to develop that idea is also really appealing.

take care

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