Saturday, August 04, 2007

Adding 'Bling' to your blog!

I know that you can go too far when adding extra functionality to your blog. As I use this blog is a bit of a 'test bed' for new tools and gizmo's that crop up in the world of web 2.0 as do some other edubloggers, I am not too worried about it becoming a bit cluttered ( the good thing is that you can get rid of page elements as easily as you can create them). Two new-ish gadgets that I have been playing around with today are :

* - A free online storage site ( which also allows you to embed useful files from your computer onto your blog with the Box Widget. My widget is on the right side bar of the blog - I have had this in place for a while, but the sizing was incorrect and didn't look good. Once you have signed and logged into Box, you can resize the widget and preview it before you copy the code over to your blog - it is easy to do.
Check out the Box for a very important file which contains the easy to copy code enabling you to remove the next blog navbar from the top of a Blogger Blog ( a very important thing to do if you are blogging or allowing pupils to access your blog in school)

* Vod:Pod - a free online video aggregator. A quick and easy sign-up to Vod:Pod the space where you can search a range of video sites (YouTube, Google etc) to bring videos to you. You load your saved videos to your own collection, copy the widget code which suits the position in your blog and simply paste it in. Thanks to Joe Dale who has had a Vod:Pod on his blog for a while now, it has taken me a few weeks to get around to trying it out.


Two Whizzy said...

Hi and Thanks for your comment. I spent yesterday with a colleague planning next terms theme, and would be interested in thinking about how we might develop some of the areas we have discussed to promote links around the area of the tudors. Do you have a preferred point of contact?

Rachel Boyd said...

Box net is quite handy huh!
I've had the widget on my site with quite a few files for download for quite a few months now. Seems to do the trick nicely and squishes into the sidebar well. I think I may have customised mine a little differently though as my layout is slightly different.
I wil have to check out yours for some handy goodies!


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