Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Removal of E-Mail Link and Next Blog Navbar

This blog post has given me the chance to try out Jing, using it to do a video walk-through of How To: remove the e-mail and next blog navbar, which scares teachers and administrators with good reason. The solution is a simple copy and paste using the file in the Box Gizmo in the right hand toolbar of this blog.
Follow this link to the video capture using Jing
and Screencast Storage
Next Blog Removal Code:

Big thanks to Allanah King from Appleby School, Nelson, New Zealand for the original code file :)


Judy O'Connell said...

Paul, this is just the most helpful post I have ever read! in terms of being able to help address a concern raised by 'everyone' about blogger and that NEXT button. I'm so glad you posted about it. I am going to try it and then spread the good word. Cheers, Judy

Mr Harrington said...

Big thanks to Allanah King for the code :)

Allanah said...

I need to thank someone else but I forget who- some on line whizz!! We all learn off each other.

I would add one more hint- before saving the changes to your blog template, preview the changes- just in case you put them in the wrong place and totally muck everything up!!

Mr Harrington said...

Thanks Allanah :) Will add that. I did run it through first to check it out - you can always remove the snippet of code if it's wrong and revert the blog back to its original, I did this several times first also :)

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