Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Further Update on File Converters

As you may know dear reader I have been roadtesting file converters over the past week or so, mainly to try to get YouTube, TeacherTube and Blip.Tv videos onto the recently acquired 30GB iPod.
I am grateful to firstly Ewan McIntosh for tweeting about something ( no Ewan I haven't forgotten - honest!) which linked to Allan Ogg's tech-logg blog, I had a look around Allan's blog (like you do - nosy lot these Web 2.0 people he he!), and came across Movavi, a file converter very similar in design to Zamzar, which I had previously recommended.
I gave Movavi a try out today with file transfers of videos to convert for iPod, and I must say my experience was better than recent experiences with Zamzar (does tend to produce pop-up advertising!) - so the new (to me) kid on the block which is the winner far is..... Movavi, give it a try :)
As they say - "It does what it says on the tin"

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