Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Using Google Earth + Hurricane and Cloud overlay to track Hurricane Dean 07

Hurricane Dean 07 has today become the most dangerous Hurricane - a Category 5 with winds of up to 160mph.
I began tracking Dean, while actually looking at the track of Hurricane Erin over San Antonio, Texas. At that time having little thought of Dean becoming so dangerous. It began in the Southern Atlantic on 13th August as a depression with winds of 25mph.
I began following it on 18th August as it moved towards the Caribbean...

As I said already I was actually tracking Erin but took some Skitch screenshots as we went along... an ideal way to use Google earth in the classroom particularly with my new Year Group in September when we will be studying Extreme Weather from around the globe. It will be so easy to take these shots and build them into a blog or wiki on extreme weather...
This is the postion of Hurricane Dean 07 ( Cat 5) at 9.00 gmt Tuesday 21st August...

I guess everyone in the path of Dean 07 ( which sadly includes some small poorly developed villages on the Belize/Mexico border) has had plenty of warning, though having said that to date 11 people have been tragically killed by Dean 07... monitoring will continue.
Update on Wednesday 22nd August as Dean 07 crosses the Yucatan Peninsula it is downgraded to a Cat 1 Hurricane as you can see from the Skitch view below.

Google Earth
Below is a spectacular photograph of Hurricane Dean as it skirted around Jamaica, it was taken by the crew of the Space Shuttle on 19th August. The shuttle crew ( including a Welshman, and a teacher ) were bgought home early because of threats of high winds around Houston, Texas.

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