Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Meeting in Second Life

It was getting on for 2am on Wednesday morning as a group of Web 2.0 educators gathered on the roof of The Bloggers Cafe in Second Life. As you may know I am testing my scepticism of the SL environment out by trying to make full use of it over the next few weeks. I got to hear about the meeting over the Twitter (tweets)thanks to Durff . As Women of Web 2.0 is on a 2 week break, the WOW2.0 group set up an informal chat in SL.
I have found SL frustrating yet strangely addictive over the past few weeks. The new ability to use voice communication is taking time to filter in, so the majority of conversation is still IM, which I find tedious, also when there is a large group as there was last night, the IM moves so quickly it is difficult to type and keep up with the chat on screen (WOW2.0 will be posting the chat online though, which will be helpful for re-visiting the links mentioned).
It was interesting to actually be involved in a 'real' discussion rather than the usual stilted and awkward conversations with apparent strangers.
The meeting was, as you can see from the snapshot above, well attended and the conversation flowed freely.
I dropped in there following a visit to the Edtechtalk Making Connections 14 Webcast. The Edtechtalk discussion ranged over Moodle ( thanks to Jason Hando from Sydney), Drupal and Podcasting ( using Audacity and Podomatic ). The chatroom at Edtechtalk was pretty full as well and again the notes which will be online soon gives excellent links to useful software.
I must say thank you to all of those in SL and at Edtechtalk Worldbridges for making all contributors welcome.
It would be interesting to see if we could introduce WorldBridges into the UK perhaps with an EdTechTalk UK

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