Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News from ScreenCast

A note for all of you out there who are giving the Jing Project a try out. I have had some correspondence lately with Dirk Frazier from Screencast on a number of matters, one close to the heart of bloggers is embedding video into your blog.
Up until today if you used the standard embed code from Screencast (the Tech Smith product which hosts Jing Project files)the video will play 'full size'. The reason behind this from Screencast is that it gives you full screen high quality playback. Unfortunately as bloggers know this will play havoc with any sidebars that you have on your blog, I received this e-mail from Screencast this morning
Hi Paul,
With yesterday's update, the MediaRoll is now resizable -
and can be put into the left or right hand navigation areas of most
blogging software. As a user you can switch between "thumbnail"
view and "list" view. Here's an example of the new MediaRoll
in use: Let me know if
you like the new (narrower) design.

Best regards,
Dirk Frazier
Product Manager

Yay, I still haven't got to the preparation work for school in a fortnight !!! :( but, I have learned how to create a MediaRoll for my Screencasts :)The MediaRoll widget is on the right side bar! - in true Web 2.0 and Jing/Screencast fashion I have recorded a quick 'How To' to help you with embedding your own widget ( making the most of things until the trial period comes to an end on the 1st October ). To view the file names if you click on the icon top right of the MediaRoll it will give you a list view of the videos... have fun and do give feedback to TechSmith as I have found them very helpful, as they obviously continue to develop this product.

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Moturoa said...

Steve Muth from Voicethread dropped me an email asking me to help previewing the new upgrade to the site coming out in a couple of weeks. How cool is when web creators give you such great feedback like that!!!!


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