Wednesday, August 08, 2007

TeacherTube Help on Crashing Browsers

A 'Big Thank You' to Adam Smith from TeacherTube for his prompt assistance over a problem that has been afflicting particularly Mac users. When opening blogs containing TeacherTube or YouTube videos our browsers have been crashing.

I apologise if that has happened to you when trying to view this, or other blogs containing these embedded files. My recent post of our 2006 Animation group seems to have been the culprit - as yet I don't know why ( I will edit this post when I get that information), Adam kindly sent me piece of code to embed in the blog replacing the offending code. The result was instant on viewing no timer, which seems a precursor of the crash - in fact the page seemed to open really quickly.

Thanks to Brian Crosby for an additional piece of help for Mac users in particular, make sure that you have the very latest version of Flash downloaded, as that seems to sort out some problems.

Thank You TeacherTube :)


Mavin said...

I like your blog it's interesting, I happened to land on it by clicking the next blog link up above in the blogger toolbar.

Come by and visit.

Take care, Mavin. :)

Allanah said...

Can you share the code with us. I am going bananas here with all the crashing!!!


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