Friday, August 17, 2007

A SlideSharing Site with a twist

Thanks to Ewan McIntosh that terrier of the internet for spotting the release a few days ago of Animoto a Slidesharing site with a difference! A difference you ask? Yes, a difference - produced by people involved in the film world (US of course!).... It allows you to upload your photos and then the site creates the cuts and gizmos ( you can re-master ) you then choose from their cool tracks and add to the video and hey presto it's done!( you can add your own audio which is where a podcast audio may fit ??) - a 30 second film show is free ( full length video $3 or $30 a year for unlimited space).
Original embedded video removed because the music starting up autmatically irritated me, I don't know about you - hence to view the video you will have to follow the link below :)
Fun to try out .... mine is of a cool Sunday afternoon spent recently with the grandchildren in the pool !!!- paddling pool really :)


Bling4yrblog said...

Nice work- I will add to my list of blogging bling.

Added the weather pixie as well.



Lynne Crowe said...

Great video Paul. I haven't had time to play with it yet but I see that both you and RachelB have. I put a link to your video in a blog post about this exciting tool. A pity that not all my students can register to use it (some are not quite 13!)


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