Saturday, August 18, 2007

Flikzor - Gone ( anyone with a good review?)

I gave Flikzor a try out - it seemed to offer much, the chance to put live video and audio comments onto a blog is an interesting concept..... I tried it out a few times ( I know it's in beta) and failed to get it to register any audio or video ( yes I did e-mail the flikzor people - no reply yet!). Oh, and yes I did try fiddling with my settings - nooo reaction!

So basically as I said in the original post if it couldn't make the grade it would be OUT. It can't and subsequently is removed.... if there is anyone out there who has had a good experience with Flikzor, do let me know, I hate to condemn a product out of hand with no external feedback.... I have to say so far it is not looking good Flikzor people!

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