Saturday, August 11, 2007

Beware of the Dark Side !!!

I was browsing though Allan Levine's blog and wiki on his upcoming trip to Australia CogDog Downunder. Alan has set up an excellent wiki on 50 Web2.0 ways to tell a story. I followed the links to a digital movie archive site where I found this superb version of Star Wars - I hope that you enjoy it.
LINK - sadly I cannot get it to embed directly into the blog ( I must be getting old !!)

Many thanks to John Pearce for the link to the YouTube file for Grocery Store Wars now below

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John Pearce said...

Hi Paul,
The original Store Wars can be found at and if you go to YouTube you will find a number of uploads of it thought the Free Range original can be found at
Say if you want some more cut down Star Wars then have a look in at Star Dudes at
Cheers John P :)

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