Sunday, October 28, 2007

One Way to Teach Poetry

This enterprising pair of teachers have fused Halloween and Harry Potter to help inspire their pupils with their Haiku Poems...... enjoy

..... need I say more ?

EdTechTalk UK Sunday 28th October 8.00GMT

Great to see that here in the UK, Doug Belshaw has taken the plunge in getting the UK involved in Webcasting - I know that this is late notice, but I only cuaght this today following a few days being involved in K12 Online 07 ...... well Mr B and team, I for one look forward to the discussion.

It sounds like John Johnston (Sandaig), David Noble (Booruch) and Kristian Still plus more will be there for edition 1 ( I will only be able to attend if my Sunday evening meal cooks very quickly!!!!)

EdTechTalk-style UK show

Posted By Doug Belshaw On 24th October 2007 @ 19:27 In Ideas | 5 Comments

[1] Ideas

Anyone who’s listened to [2] EdTechTalk, or indeed pretty much any of the shows on the [3] Worldbridges network, will know of the high-quality webcasting and podcasting that goes on there. However, those of us in the UK who listen to the show have to stay up past midnight if we want to listen live… :(

EdTechTalk UK has been mooted in the past, but hasn’t gained any traction due to the issue of time. It takes time to learn how to webcast, time to pull like-minded people together, and ultimately it takes time to record the shows. Last week I proposed via Twitter that a bunch of UK-based people get together to organise an EdTechTalk-style show. It won’t come under the Worldbridges umbrella, but I am very grateful to both Dave Cormier and Jeff Lebow for their quick and detailed and thoughtful responses to my questions. :)

What’s involved in being a co-host?

  • Using [4] Skype to join in discussions about weekly/monthly goings-on in the edublogosphere
  • Contributing to a conversation that will last between 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Joining in with planning/maintenance activities (e.g. brainstorming, wiki editing, uploading and linking to MP3 files, etc.)

I’m interested! What should I do?

I’ve already been contacted by [5] David Noble, [6] Kristian Still, [7] John Johnston, and a few others (sorry if I’ve forgotten you!) If you think you may want to take part, express your interest in the comments section below and then join us at 8pm GMT on Sunday 28th October 2007 (remember the clocks go back on Saturday night!) :D

dimdim (beta)

Thanks to Kristian Still for sending this link to DimDim - an opensource meeting application. Following a discussion of the relative merits of FlashMeeting and Elluminate.
dimdim looks like it may be another useful app - test it out and let's see how good it is :)

dimdim includes advanced collaboration features (audio, video, text, desktop sharing, virtual worlds, etc.) so that anyone and everyone can easily and instantly interact with anyone else, without the hassle of having to download and maintain software.

Features dimdim
Upload & Share Presentations
Desktop & Application Sharing
Annotations on collabaration work space (Under development)
Multi User Chat
Polls and Question Manager (Under development)
On Wire Security
Recording & Archiving (Under development)
Scheduling & Reports
Mood Indicator
Skins / Templates (Under development)
Private labelling
Active Directory Integration (Under development)
Outlook & Google Calendar Integration (Under development)
Email based support
Platform Certification
dimdim training
Integration With Learning Management system
Integration with customer relationship management system

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A 'WOW' from K12 online 07

Liz Kolb's excellent Presentation on the use of mobile (cell) phones in education - this was one of the Conference Highlights for myself and many others. Here is Liz's pre-conference 'teaser video'

Google Doc's and SpreadSheets by CommonCraft

De- mystify Google Documents and Spreadsheets thanks the Lee LeFever and those CommonCraft folks....

Monday, October 22, 2007

Blown Away by Derek Wenmouth !

All I can say is 'WOW!!!!' K12 Online 07 has just come alive for me with Derek's presentation today. What a great, simple message on enabling us to question and reflect on our practice in the use of ICT in our classrooms.
The E-P-S Landscape System that CORE through Derek and Dr Vince Ham have developed is going to be a must for my practice going forward.
It was interesting also to hear from the New Zealand based E-Fellows, explaining how their practice has been challenged and extended by having been able to carry out 12 months of action research into the use of ICT and how it should be embedded in pedagogy.

This Presentation will become a must for many driving Professional Development in their areas - it certainly will be for me - tomorrow I will be passing the url for this to all of the colleagues that I have who are ready to hear the message....

Thank You Derek and of course all at K12 Online 07

Find CORE here.
Link to the K12 online page for Derek's presentation here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Transglobal Teachers Forum

** A date for your Diary**
I have gone ahead and booked a FlashMeeting for this coming Saturday at 22.00 UK time (5pm US) (9am Sunday NZ).
When we were thinking about this session Jane Nicholls suggested everyone brings a friend, this makes it sound kind of cosy. There is no specific topic for the conversation, however with K12 Online being in full flow it would be great to hear views on the conference so far :) I will tweet this closer to time..... so go tell your online friends (the meeting is booked for 20 attendees)

Meeting Details
Main Help

Transglobal Teachers Forum
Date & Time
Sat, 20 Oct 2007 22:00:00 +0100Meeting duration is 1 hours 29 minutes

The meeting will start in 5 days 1 hours 37 minutes (this web page will refresh every 3 minutes on javascript enabled browsers)

Meeting Access

Go to the meeting

Download an ICScalendar file
Attendees can enter meetings as guests. However, in order to access all of FlashMeeting's functionality and to be able to fully participate in a meeting, attendees will need to 'Sign In'. To register for a new Sign In account click here
The replay of this meeting will be public. After the end of the meeting, access to the replay will be available from this web page, or, from the public pages

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chinswing is a global message board where anyone can add voice messages to ongoing topical discussions. Share your personal interests or hobbies, debate hot issues or find answers to questions. We've combined features of podcasting, text forums and live voice chat to create a whole new way to talk.
Following the demise of YackPack to subscription only Chinswing has been suggested as a viable alternative for those wishing to participate in the Creating a Global Communication Centre Project, it looks like a good alternative. Visit Chinswing and let's start the conversation.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Streamed Social Networking Web Video Sites

Intrigued by the phenomenon of online video streaming I have been looking at 2 such sites today.
I caught up with Will Richardson videocasting in Ustream this afternoon quite by accident when following up links from Kim Cofino's Delicious Links. Will had tried out Operator 11 previously and was broadcasting live on Saturday 13th October here is his feed. Todays Weblogg-ed Show was on video gaming at MediaTech

Will who is out there at the edge searching for new ways to deliver Web 2.0 technologies in an educational setting has been using Ustream for some time, tried out Operator 11 with some IT colleagues last week.

In the chat alongside UStream today I asked Will about his take on the two applications... there is an advantage in O11 that you can allow other participants to broadcast (operating like FlashMeeting with each person having air time to talk) - this does not appear to be available in UStream which seems to be what it says - you streaming (there is a chatroom also in UStream - so that participants can contribute - very like webcasting from Worldbridges.) However Will did have a problem in Operator11, even though you have the power as a 'director' to allow people in to participate, it appears that they can come in anyway and could try to take over the conversation - this reminded me of the live 'seat of the pants' When Night Falls, Skypecasts for K12Online06 which made them very difficult to control...
Neither site would not be appropriate spaces for students to access either, due to inappropriate content on start-up pages.
Presentations can be embedded as above though for use if necessary at a later date. Not really in the spirit of live interaction. It is interesting to see how these applications spring up, each having useful elements - both of these would be useful for teacher PD or Workshops with built in interactivity... Follow the developments by keeping up with people like Will, David Jakes et al.

David Jakes made an interesting observation in the chat today, suggesting that there have perhaps been too many new social networking applications recently which has taken educators away from their core role, I for one would agree with that remark. It is difficult enough to get tried and tested Web 2.0 technologies into everyday teaching, we must be looking long term for some of the latest developments to appear in a classroom near you.

Many Thanks to Kim Cofino for setting me off on this research. You can find more at Kim's links.

*apologies for earlier spelling/grammar - I blame it on feeling rotten with a cold when typing up this blog - that's my story anyway !!!! :-)

Delicious Links

Friday, October 12, 2007

K12 Online 07

K12 Online 07 is about to burst into life - The conference this year is focused on 'Playing with the Boundaries' and is aimed not only at the beginner, but also at showing those who have already begun to use Web 2.0 tools and are considering the ways in which they can use it creatively in classrooms, and also something which interests me - how we can use the new technology for teachers Professional Development and to develop Networks.
To find out where the strands of K12 Online07 are heading check out the wiki here.
The timetable of events began with David Warlick's keynote on 8th October and continues from 15th October until the closing event of the 24 hour When Night Falls session.

I would recommend everyone to dip in and listen to at least one of the presentations, I think that like me once you get in you will find many things to push your own boundaries, and tools which you will see a use for in your own classroom situation.

Thanks from me the Sharon and Lani and the rest of the K12 Online 07 Team for all of their efforts to pull the strings for the conference..... enjoy

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


"Use WiZiQ's virtual classroom
equipped with live audio-video communication, chat, content sharing, and session recording
capabilities. No download is required since it
works with any web browser and on any operating system."
I dropped in too late to join Jeff Utecht and company when they tried out WIZIQ last weekend, but having listened to the playback here, WiZiQ certainly looks like an excellent FREE video/audio conferencing virtual classroom - and will give FlashMeeting a run for its money. Wiziq offers IM chat, audio or video conferencing and an interactive whiteboard and the facility to upload ppt and swf files ahead of time into a store ready to import into your session. In addition it allows the upload of images. There do appear to be glitches with some uploads which I hope that the WiziQ people will be able to iron out( WiziQ didn't like some of my ppt files??) If you get to listen to the whole playback you will hear how The Teacher controls speakers and those able to interact with the whiteboard, it also allows The Teacher to 'buzz pupils' ahead of time to remind them to speak ( this is only heard by the specific student.
As far as those in the room were concerned the application seemed to press the correct buttons - the only drawback that some folks would have liked is the desktop sharing which is available in Elluminate - but and this is a big BUT - the application is FREE and does not require a download - give it a go sign up - I would very much like to get into the next WiZiQ session :)

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