Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ddraig Goch blogs again......tablets may indeed rule!

.......Dear reader, I never believed that I would return to Ddraig Goch, however having tried out a variety of othef blogging platforms over the past months, it still amazes me how easy and of course for me, how simple it is to use reliable Blogger.
There is also the fact that with the new Acer Iconia tablet running Android Honeycomb all of my settings are piped across. This was also true for all of my (Android) HTC phone contacts and I also found to my joy that the same holds true for my Picassa albums!
I am aware that some time ago now I mused over the question, were tablets such as the iPad, `deal breakers`?
I would conclude presently that they certainly go a long way towards being the one device that you will need. I have even today concluded a deal with a colleague to part with my other beloved device ..... the Kindle2, the app on the tablet will enable me to manage books essily in one place.
I am glad to be back home :-)