Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Last Word on File Converting ???

I say that tongue in cheek, as it seems that another day and another site emerges - this time the file converter, takes your YouTube/TeacherTube video and will convert them to .wmv (Windows) .mov (Mac) .mp4(iPod) .mp3 (audio_ .3gp (mobile) and .flv (flash). Great for showing Teachertube or Blip.tv videos off line in the classroom.
This great online gizmo comes courtesy of Wes Fryer's Moving At The Speed of Creativity blog, in an article written by Guest Bob Sprankle.
I, like Wes and Bob gave it a try and it efficiently converted my video, then prompting me to download it directly to the laptop - by passing the Zamzar e-mail route, which is definitely a step in the right direction - give it a try and then why not leave Wes or Bob a thank you.

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A. Mercer said...

Hmm, not working for me. Tried to convert YouTube to wmv, and the file wouldn't play in WMP or RealPlayer. Then tried to convert TeacherTube, and it couldn't read the url?

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