Friday, August 17, 2007

Google Earth Add-ons

I read Ollie Bray's post yesterday on Google Earth add-ons. They are really cool there is :
* a cloud overlay
* an earthquake overlay
* a hurricane/typhoon overlay ( including tracking data updated every 10 mins real time)
* multiple satellite weather overlays ( chiefly for US)

These look absolutely fabulous for Geography in Elementary (Primary)and High School, it works even better if you have a link in an affected area, I happened to be Tweeting about the GE tools when I was contacted by Stephanie Sandifer who was telling me about weather conditions in Houston, Texas, and how they were watching anxiously the track of the next Hurricane....
Further to that the Earthquake overlay sadly showed the rash of quakes south of Lima, Peru where so many have lost their lives....

Update Saturday 18th August I am grateful to Joe for the comment this morning and for pointing me towards this TeacherTube video on Google Lit Trips and Google Earth Communities - thanks Joe :)

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Joe said...

Hi Paul,

Have you seen this video tutorial from TeacherTube on Google Lit Trips?

Could be useful.

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