Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Dubbed the "Wikipedia of curriculum" by its creators, the online community
known as - Curriki accessible at www.curriki.org - aims to provide a place online
where educators from anywhere in the world can post curricula and lesson plans
for review and use by fellow classroom teachers.

Like Wikipedia, the organic online encyclopedia that lets its users edit and update
existing entries, Curriki employs a philosophy of open access, encouraging its
members not only to use the content available on the site, but also to upgrade it,
modify it, and tag it to suit the needs of their students, wherever they are.
The brainchild of Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy, Curriki was founded as a
way to provide disadvantaged teachers and students around the globe with open
and unfettered access to high-quality educational content."

This is a quote from the Curriki site, which I had not heard of until today when following up some links from my BlogRoll in particular a post from 13th July by Analog Girl in a Digital World Jennifer Lubke on an "Educationized Wiki".

The term is an amalgam of Curriculum and Wiki, however it appears to be curriculum network for teachers allowing us to upload resources that others can then edit an amend for their own classroom use ( not quite the blend of Curriculum and Wiki that we may have hoped for) however.... An interesting idea, it already boasts 32,000 plus members globally. It was certainly new to me..... how about you ?

Sun Microsystems I have more time for than most large IT Companies, after their generosity towards UK teachers in obtaining the Star Office Suite for use in school and at home for no financial reward ( beyond us remembering their name when we came to looking for an Office package for our own home PC's!) ... hey it's a commercial world :)

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