Monday, August 06, 2007

A 2.0 Learner if ever I saw one!

Thanks to Judy O'Connell of the Hey Jude Blog - for this video originally posted from the Scoble Show at
The show is an interview with 14 year old Daniel Brusilovsky
"just 14, is for sure a reality check for any teachers hesitating to adopt Web 2.0. Daniel works in IT, and has his own blog and podcast show."
Daniel's work and learning in my mind goes a long way to put into words my feelings about the Learning 2.0 debate that is currently going on over at 21st Century Collaborative with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach.
Daniel is doing some amazing work in technology for his age and mentions plenty of web 2.0 tools and is undoubtedly engaged fully in the process, however he just sees it as a 'normal' thing to do and can't see what all of the fuss is about - he is truly a product of what you could term Learning 2.0, but I think he is the the product of all of these technologies and has used it as his platform for Learning, which is very much a subjective exercise for all of us - we have prefered Styles of Learning ( 2.0 may be one, but it has to come from the learner not from the educator !!!)


sheryl nussbaum-beach said...

We all need to get videos like this up and feature the web 2.0 using kids in our classrooms! This year needs to be the year of elevating student voice.

sheryl nussbaum-beach said...

tag. You are it. 8 random facts meme.

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