Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"How To Guide" for ClassBlogmeister

There is a thriving community of users of David Warlick's Landmarks ClassBlogmeister at Yahoo Groups. Once in the group you get a steady stream of information and help requests. I was practicing yesterday with 2 fabulous tools which link from the Tech Smith people( who brought us Camtasia), called Jing and Screencast ( in beta format at present). My school ClassBlogmeister needed updating - pupils needed to be placed in new classes and old classes needed to be deleted.
Jing and its sister storage site Screencast ( thank you to Screencast for being of great help during this project) gave an excellent home for my "How To" video screencast on Deleting Classes and Changing Pupils to New Classes
I think that the ease of use of Jing has certainly given me the confidence to produce a series of How To guides ( I hope that when these products eventually make it to market they are not priced too high - plea to Tech Smith !!:)

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