Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday at ISTE 2012

Following the great start on Saturday with the SocialEdCon 2012, where new contacts were made and long friendships renewed, I was looking forward to getting to the conference proper today.
The opening keynote began at 1.30 however, I was planning to spend the afternoon with the Global Collaboration Symposium with Lucy Gray which began at 2.00. I decided to drop in on the keynote, I was completely surprised that in a room of 6000 people I sat next to Dorothy Burt's husband Russell, we had first met four years ago at ISTE in San Antonio.
The keynote was a great rallying call, however I did slip away to Room 5 where a inspirational teachers were sharing their experiences in building a global network of collaborative projects.
The high point for me was hearing from teachers who have been able to integrate global projects into their curriculum planning, ensuring that the pedagogy is sound and that the projects are sustainable.
Ahead of the main keynote in which Sir Ken Robinson is a panelist, I managed to take a break in the luxuriously appointed Bloggers Lounge......I do still feel at home among my peeps :-)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

SocialEdCon 2012

SocialEdCon at ISTE 2012, is proving that there are a myriad of apps out there for teachers to use for themselves and also with their pupils. Using the Twitter hashtag #socialedcon you can check out the main trends.
All of the folks began with 1 minute speed sessions reduced to 30 seconds as the hour mark approached. The sound of the bell focused the minds of presenters!

ISTE 2012 San Diego

After a few week's absence Ddraig Goch returns direct from the Pacific shoreline in San Diego ahead of the annual ISTE Conference. It will be interesting to see how the 'Ed-Tech' world has progressed since my last visit back in 2008, and also to catch up with friends - virtual and otherwise.
The event kicks off tomorrow with the Edublogger Con (unconference) always stimulating and interesting. The main event kicks off on Sunday through to Wednesday.
There will be more posts and tweets to look forward to live from the conference.
I am also hoping to meet up with some IB teachers, and would be grateful if they could be steered in my direction.