Sunday, July 29, 2007

Update on the Zamzar v Vixy post of a few days ago ( converting files for iPod)

I have toiled away with both converters over the weekend, using 2 different browsers ( Safari and Flock), the results of this research ( even thoughit's only me!)
Flock didn't like either Zamzar or Vixy - Vixy being the least capable of coping out of the 2 converters - I only managed to download a relatively short video for iPod use. Zamzar was slightly better as it did download one sizeable file, and tried to download others only to fail part way thorugh the process.
Safari didn't like Vixy and failed to even attempt a download - curling up its toes on each occasion, coming up with a differenr excuse ( blaming others!), whereas Zamzar worked a treat in Safari and managed to download a few TED Talks, and BlipTV videos with ease.

The result from me would have to be success for Zamzar working with Safari as the browser.

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