Friday, July 13, 2007

There was a flurry of activity over at Ewan's blog the other day as members of the blogosphere tried to get their hands on free invitation to Skitch. As you can see below Skitch offers a whole range of options for not only working with your saved photo's, (in flickr or other places) and adding various effects and finishes to them. But for me the best part of the software so far is the excellent - quick and easy screen capture, in addition to the very user friendly drag and drop aspect of working with your digital images.

I found that by the time I had got to Ewan, many others had been there before me, however I had read a post about Skitch on Allanah King's blog, so I tried the route of 'phoning a friend' ( well Skyping a friend actually!!), nothing ventured, nothing gained. It was almost as if we were working without the blogosphere - as Allanah had very kindly sent me an invitation to Skitch ( thanks Allanah - what friends there are here in the blogosphere!)
I thought that I would dedicate this evening to giving it a go, and having a 'Twitter' about it later...
Above is my desktop captured and posted very quickly (in around 2 minutes - capture to post)... sadly for many Skitch will only run on Mac at present, watch this space for developments - thanks to Ewan and Allanah for information on this program :)
By the way I now have 2 invites to give out for Skitch (yay!) so if you want to give it a try (mac) let me know your e-mail address...


Linda Bilsborrow said...

Have you used up your skitch invites yet? I read about it just as we were shortlisting on learning Platforms and didn't have the opportunity to get back to you!

Anonymous said...

Re - Skitch request.

Ooops - I'd forgotten that 've had to take my e-mail address from the blog, I am linjbilatgmaildotcom

Many thanks,

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