Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Flashmeeting Practice Session

** Eventually getting my head around 24 hour time and Time Zones,(I hope!!) I have a Flashmeeting booked for 8pm UK time (GMT+1 20.00hrs), we have friends from Australia, New Zealand, the US and here in the UK coming together for a chat. The meeting is booked for 12 people max, so if you are free and want to come along follow the link below :)

This booking is for 12 people to use the application FlashMeeting

Go to the following address for full details and to access the event:

A .ics calendar file can be downloaded prior to the meeting from the above


Although guest entry is available into the meeting, attendees who do not already

have an account may wish to create one prior to the meeting so that they can

Sign In to the meeting and have access to all the meetings features etc. A link

to create a Sign In account is available via the meeting web page.

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Rachel Boyd said...

Hi Paul,

Hope you enjoyed your chat. I am listening to the replay now.

Saw this last night on your blog and attempted to work out the time difference - but mucked it up lol! I think all these parent/teacher interviews I'm having at the moment are mucking with my brain!

By the time Joe emailed to get me to join in, alas, I was in morning meetings at school!

Anyway, looking forwards to hearing your accent and listening to the rest of the recording!!

Cheers, Rachel

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