Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Advantages of being quite old!!!

There are a few of these :
You have a develop different perspective on work/career. ( I tend to forget initiatives, my memory isn't what it was ( tee hee).
You no longer necessarily strive to be perfect - there are more important things in life!
You try to do all of the things that 'you' want to do!
To have fun!
I don't really care what people think about the way I do things anymore.
Two of these rubrics for being older I indulged on Saturday, with a visit to Cardiff ( with my birthday money), I know that I have encouraged my reputation on the blogosphere of me being careful with my money ! (lol) I will take the cheapest option and don't see the point in "splashing the cash!"

Saturday afternoon as I roamed around what's left of Cardiff City Centre ( they have the builders in - Dr Who obviously needed a lifelike derelict area in the centre of the city, and the City Council have agreed to do it!!!!! really to create St David's Centre II ( watch for St David's Centre III The Movie!). I digress, I was wandering around the city centre thinking of all of the sensible things I could buy with the 'tidy sum' ( must be said in Welsh accent to get best effect). However two of the ageing maxims came into play - get something you want and have fun.... to the Apple Store in the Morgan's Arcade and .....
I found myself asking the assistant for the shiny Black 30GB Video iPod, please, plus the microphone kit for recording to the iPod. It was as easy as that all done in 10 minutes and once home time to see what the iPod could do.
I am very impressed and left saying to myself why, oh why didn't I do this before??
Once plugged into the MacBook the iPod 'synced' itself and then downloaded all of the stuff from my iTunes account music, podcasts and video podcasts ( in about 15 minutes). Having tried it out while babysitting the grandchildren last night, I can see me with the white earphones ( a bit conspicuous) on more often as I catch up with the latest 'stuff' ( really!!!! at my age- But it's FUN!).
It will be interesting to see what the recording quality is like but I am expecting pretty amazing audio from the machine.... we'll see.

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Moturoa said...

You're not over 50 you're part of the 'iPod generation'- you will have to watch it your next computer will be an Apple!!!!!

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