Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just one of those days!

Saturday afternoon and into Sunday early evening disappear amongst the timed feeds and nappy changes ( don't even go there!) which come with being a grandparent and having the grandkids to 'sleep over'.
It was a realtively quiet night ( just a feed at 12.30am not bad at all), but an early morning everyone awake and up playing at 6am!!! on a Sunday - however peace decended for around an hour and a half from 10 am when both thankfully went to sleep!!! ( yay)

We of course love them both (1 - 18 months and 1 - 6months)to bits, however thin veneer of a 'normal' weekend disappears into the dim distance once you are 'in the zone', which we have been since said Saturday afternoon. We were able to spend time in the garden over the weekend as the weather Gods smiled on our corner of South Wales, this gave us the opportunity to show off some unusual headwear!

Normality descended at around 6.30pm when a car full of sleepy children and their belongings departed for home ( around 5 miles away) - and two bemused grandparents quietly dozed in the lounge!!!! ( well at least I plan to after blogging!!!)

You can't always keep up with the blogosphere - real life has a habit of interevning......... I'm off for a lie down now ..... goodnight everyone ( could you keep the twitter noise down please I'm sleepy :-0


Moturoa said...

Beautiful but I was waiting for a loud, strong voice over from he camera person!!!! LOL

Linda Bilsborrow said...

Put's a different spin on the 'Wake up, shake up' trend that's roaming our schools!

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