Monday, July 09, 2007

** HeyJude**

Many thanks to Judy O'Connell (librarian 2.0) of heyjude fame, she dropped a comment into my nextgen ning message box today. It was part of an ongoing discussion I am involved in as to how valid the term 'digital native' is these days. In my humble opinion it is does not have any validity amongst the people who are driving forward the Web 2.0 agenda globally ( most would have to be considered as 'digital immigrants' - a term which really doesn't fit the bill at all.

But hey, I digress Judy sent me the link to her presentation in May to the CTLA Conference it is a slideshare presentation that Judy has put together to show how the world is changing, I love the way Judy has blended sources to produce this piece. Once you have watched it, do drop Judy a comment on her blog, I am really sure she would appreciate you popping by...

Within Judy's presentation I really liked Shaun White's HP Commercial ( great visuals) - sadly not embeddable but follow the link.

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Judy O'Connell said...

Thanks for the generous feedback on this presentation. It really is fantastic to be able to share information and ideas with colleagues 'everywhere'. So of course I am really looking forward to our WOW2 talk and the opportunity to share in 'real time'. Cheers to you all.

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