Monday, July 16, 2007

Pippy Ballinger's Adventures in Second Life

On the roof of The Bloggers Cafe (EduislandII)
Having been swift to make legitimate complaints about Second Life, I have spent the past week, trying to come to terms with the alternative world which exists there. I have found that my random entries into the cyber world have been interesting ( I learned how to build in SL for example), they have been ultimately frustrating as I never seem to be able to meet up with anyone in a planned way.
All of that changed last night when on another new place for me - Twitter ( as recommended by friends Jane Nicholls and Sheryl N-B ) - a great place for short pithy comments from a global friendship group ( mainly borrowed from Sheryl! thx). While Tweeting ( I think the correct term), I found out that Jojash Mcmillan (Jane) was around in Second life and that Scrumples Schneider was looking to come in - we tweeted about meeting at the Bloggers Cafe in SL (On Eduisland II just around the corner from the ISTE Building!!! sadly I know these things now!)
Inside the Bloggers Cafe
As you can see above we settled onto the roof area for a face to face chat ( even though we were 11,000 miles away from each other), also there IsabellaG Despres from Chicago. Now the chance to chat possibly even of using skype while in SL to have almost fully interactive discussions is a use that I see Second Life doing for me - could be great for say Next Gen Teachers meetings ( Naace are using it in the Naace Lounge in Huining) also for future K12 online 'Fireside Chats' around a SL fireside perhaps!!! the possibilities are endless.
Pippy Ballinger reporting for Ddraig-goch from Second Life!


Jane Nicholls said...

Hey Pippy
It was great to finally meet you face to face :). I'm sorry I had to leave so quickly, we will have to meet up some time again. I haven't learnt how to build anything yet in SL maybe you can show me what you have learnt.
Jojash Mcmillan
aka Jane :)

Mr Harrington said...

Yay - I can help someone else in SL - I'd be glad to help out with learning to build :)

Chris said...

Gone to the Dark SIde, eh, Paul...and after all those disparaging comments...!!!!

Mr Harrington said...

I am still not sure about SL my son - I still know how the use 'The Force' - btw meet Yodda in Infoisland Library he's behind the desk in the lobby!!!! Sad or what :)

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