Monday, July 02, 2007

Podcasts of Note

Recently I gave a seminar at the WITS07 Conference at Nantgarw ( near Treforest) - in the course of my preparation for the conference I did a trawl of my iTunes Browser for podcasts which showed how the medium can be used in all phases of education.
I came across a few which would be of great use in Primary Education - the best of these is the PePod produced by Manor Park Primary School in Coventry. You can subscribe to this podcast using iTunes. The series comprises of a set of video podcasts showing high quality training for both pupils and staff. The programmes can be used either by teachers as CPD, or by pupils in order to give them instructions for a lesson. Another noteable Primary Podcast is from Discovery School, Whitby, New Zealand - where the teacher Miss F has had her class Spacecasting from their classroom ( I like this series of podcasts because they give a good mixture of information and creativity using language and music).
In the Secondary/Middle School area I was catching up with Chris Fuller's excellent Edgehill College Spanish Podcasts. This series shows the way in which MFL teachers in the UK are making best use of Web 2.0 tools in their classrooms.
I know only to well that this just scratches the surface of the wonderful ways in which teachers are gradually coming to use podcasting as a means of driving forward the standards in their subjects and phases.
what I would say to all teachers is go out there and use your iTunes program as a means of aggregating podcasts. ITunes will use the podcasts RSS feed to bring new episodes of podcasts that you subscribe to you, meaning that you don't have to go and find them. Another main feature of these podcasts is of course subscribing is totally free!!
If you want to find out information about making your own podcasts and publishing them do visit some of the latests posts of Nodehill's Web 2.0 MFL Guru, Joe Dale. Joe has brought together information in some of his latest posts in the form of a great 'how to' for podcasting.


Funki Jimpow said...

Cheers for the comments and tips for widgets. I will definitely try them out.

I am going to change to purpose (and audience I guess!) of my blog from September from a 'general witter' to a more 'educationally focused natter' type blog!

I popped up to Manchester today to visit the school I am joining, the staff were being trained in 'Accelerated Learning'. I have lots to tell and will keep my blog up to date from September. August will be a month of random gibberish!!

I also need to keep the Welsh connection going; I grew up in North Wales originally!

Take care Paul, see you on the net!

Chris said...

Hi Paul,

I have to admit that before I set up the podcasts I was a bit worried about the complexity of the process that would be required- but actually it only takes about 5 minutes to set up the feed to i-tunes, and has been really worth the effort. In a lot of cases, pupils now complain if I don't add their recordings onto the Edgehillcast section- something that's really surprised me! And it's also great to be able to use other people's ideas, saving us all time and effort!!


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