Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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A group of Web 2.0 teachers used it on Wednesday evening (UK) - 5am Thursday morning for Jason Hando in Sydney Australia!!!! for an informal discussion on Web 2.0 tools in education, and also, more importantly ways in which Flashmeeting could be used for school based video conferencing and online Professional Development.

The meeting was set up to show teachers how to use the technology and Ddraig-goch would like to thank the following teachers who gave up 2 hours of their time to join in.

Joe Dale (8pm UK)

Lisa Durff (3pm USA)

Jane Nicholls (7am New Zealand)

Jason Hando (5am Australia)

Kristin Hokanson (3pm? USA)

I know from e-mail that Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach was hoping to attend as was Rachel Boyd. Maybe we will try it out again to help others into the possibilities of using Flashmeeting - who knows!

There were some interesting stats generated which are quite illuminating if a bit embarrassing, the person who spoke the most!!! ( I wonder who?)

and the person who was text chatting most ( I wonder who?)


Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach said...

Sorry I didn't make it. I am still very interested. I had gone for a 30 minute bike ride that turned into 3 hours. I just couldn't stop riding.

Ask me again!

Durff said...

Oh no! That is embarrassing! I was chatting in both our Skypechat backchannel and in Flashmeeting. I was generally trying to foul you all up - did I win a prize for that?
Let's do it again with Rachel and Sheryl! What about Kim Cofino, Terry Freedman, Ewan McIntosh, & us(I'm an oldie, but you're a young one).

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