Friday, July 20, 2007

The Fun you can have with a Soft Toy !!!!!

We have had an a marvellous and ongoing link with Allanah King's, Moturoa Class at Appleby School, near Nelson in New Zealand, as you may know. We sent them Tiny Ted (now in the USA in Alabama) and Travelling Ted ( still with the class on some adventures).
Back in November 2006, we recieved a parcel from New Zealand containing Cuddly Kiwi who sings like a Kiwi when squeezed ( well, he did his song is getting a bit weak now, due to all of the love and attention he has had!)
This video is just a snippet of some of the things that Cuddly Kiwi has got up to so far in Wales ( in the video watch out for my grandaughter, Joe Dale and Chris Fuller's iRivers at the E-Twinning Conference in Nottingham!!!)


Moturoa said...

Great video. We appreciate the effort gone into looking after Cuddly Kiwi and we this video in particular.

Mini-Dylan and Travelling Ted are home with me for the term. We were in a quandary whether to leave them at school or for me to take them home. Although we love them dearly my class realised that they could be loved to death if they weren't chaperoned.

I will take them to Auckland with me when I go to present at the Ulearn conference in October. You should be back at school by then and enjoy seeing them tour NZ's biggest city and the SkyTower. WOW.

Great stuff,


Allanah and Moturoa classroom, Appleby School, New Zealand

Rachel Boyd said...

Lovely to see Cuddly Kiwi's intrepid journeys. An amazing and worthwhile experience for your students!

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