Friday, July 27, 2007

SlideShare goes audio - SlideCast

Thanks to Alan Levine over at his CogDog Blog for this snippet of news. Alan has been working on a project called "There must be 50 ways to tell a web 2.0 story" , he has created a fab wiki( I love some of the video sharing sites - try to catch the Star Wars parody Store Wars!!!! brilliant or the documentary on 'What to do in a Zombie attack (1950's style public service film) )whixh sadly I have visited and failed to make note of so now can't find ( Cogdog if you catch this please help with a link !!!).
Linked to his work Alan has used the new sound enabled Slideshare - SlideCast now you can upload your presentation slides - record an mp3 audio file to fit the slide show (or edit from within Slideshare). This is a great alternative to using Garageband (if you don't have a Mac) or MS Photostory ( which you have to download). I cannot say yet how easy it is to put together an 'all singing, all dancing' presentation using SlideShare with audio, but Alan has put together this excellent re-mastered presentation called Dominoe - take a look and see where this could take you and your pupils in their digital storytelling. I know that in September I for one plan to give my new pupils the chance to take out digital still cameras and tell thier own digital stories - and this will be a great help - thanks Alan, and Barbara Ganley for her work using slideshare to tell a powerful story ( what a great use for a presentation tool!).

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