Friday, July 13, 2007

Screenshot taken and edited entirely in Skitch ........ cool I like this toy :) - don't forget I have 2 invites to give away ....
p.s. sorry about my slightly untidy desktop ( It's a bit like the real world desktop!!)

Thank you to Darren Kiropatwa and Rachel Boyd for their comments - they have snapped up my 2 invites ( this of course means that Darren and Rachel will also have invites so keep an eye on their blogs!)


Allanah said...

Very cool. I knew you would do something clever with Skitch. I am going to enjoy playing some more with it.

Lisa is in Maryland.


Rachel Boyd said...

OOOhhhh - I'd love an invite if you have one going spare!

Looks like a fantastic tool to play with!

:) Rachel

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