Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Gizmo – A free phone for your computer
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There is competition for Skype in VOIP, Gizmo, not to be confused with Gizmoz the talking avatar tool ( very cool) offers many of the same goodies as Skype if you read the blurb from their site below:

"Gizmo Project is an internet telephone, that is as simple as instant messaging

Make all of your calls from the comfort of your desktop, with Gizmo Project it is point, click, talk. For FREE

Why use Gizmo?
It’s FREE!
FREE call's to any Gizmo Project, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, or Windows Live user
Chat with AIM and MSN buddies
Free Voicemail and Conference calling.
Super clear call quality
Inexpensive add-ons that let you make and receive calls from any mobile phone or landline."
From Gizmo website

This is the Gizmo online interface

I was introduced to Gizmo by Sheryl Nussbaum Beach, as she intends using Gizmo for an Internet 'Speed Dating' style presentation on Tuesday evening. Sheryl has gathered together 10 Education users of Web 2.0 tools from around the globe ( including myself). The format will be that the teachers involved ( mostly Secondary School teachers), will be receiving information from Sheryl and others as CPD, there will be a room with 10 computers in each Gizmo'd up to one of us!!! We will then have the chance to talk with the teachers on the course about the tools that we/they can use and perhaps more importantly why they should use them. They will have the opportunity to ask us about the use of this technology and its relevance to learning ( we have 15 minutes then a bell will go off and they will move on). This use of 'talking heads' in training is a development of our recent use of skyping friends into training seminars, which we have been using for some time. It sounds cool - however I expect a pretty intense hour or so of discussions. There is a wiki which Sheryl has set up enabling each of the 10 'presenters' to put in links and urls to illustrate our points... look out for a report and podcast/s later this week (Gizmo has inbuilt conversation record facility)
I tried out Gizmo this evening in a quick chat with Allanah King in New Zealand, it appears very clear, with less of a time lag than Skype, the sounds are easier on the ear- one negative from my point of view as far as I can see is, no video conferencing facility.... Download Gizmo and let me know how you get on.

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