Monday, March 26, 2012


Missing the homeland! One has to develop an inner resiliance when living as an Expat. There are many methods that one can employ in order to stave off those times when the mind drifts into dangerously wishing that you were home.... my resolve has been slipping lately. I have certainly found the lack of anyone to have a conversation with a challenge recently ........I have attempted to avoid talking to myself ( often unsuccessfully!).
Those who have never had a family would I guess find this odd. However when you have lived in a home with a medium sized family, and now an extended family the sudden removal of this can be a relief in the short term. In the long term, the long silences even when filled by reading ( 4 books this year to date) can grate after a while! An upside if it can be said to be so is an addiction to 'The Big Bang Theory' and .....hoovering and there any hope?

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lisibo said...

I've got my immediate family with me but still miss 'home' at times.
My online friends certainly help most of the time but they sometimes make it worse!

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