Wednesday, March 14, 2012


From the moment the instruction to 'Put on your 3D glasses' comes on screen to the roll of the credits some 2 hours later Martin Scorsese takes the viewer on a tour de force of 3D magic in this homage to the early days of film - in particular the films of Georges Méliès whose life we follow. The film links the real life of the pioneer filmaker and his later life with the fictional story.... there were some occasions when I felt that anyone who suffers slightly from vertigo may  have found the action made them feel a little nauseous.
High points for me were the more subtle use of 3D and the way that Scorsese left dust in the atmosphere in shots adding depth, subtle also were the performances of the station regulars. I found the Sacha Baron Cohen portrayal of the station inspector grated on occasions.... however I did like his attempted smiles ( well he had mastered 3 smiles!). There was perhaps a long stretch of the imagination to believe that the children would have been running around freely having their 'adventure'.
Hugo in 3D did make me laugh out loud on at least 4 occasions and also brought a tear to the eye.
My belief is still that The Help retains top spot for me.

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