Saturday, March 17, 2012


What I particularly enjoy about living in a city renowned for its fine dining experiences are the impromptu eating experiences which come along. Friday was going to be a fairly normal work day followed by a cycle ride home and an early dinner at home before the preparations for the weekend. ( Wales v France on Saturday for the 6 Nations Grand Slam)....
A work colleague and well known gourmand Fiona Clark suggested to fellow foodies that perhaps supper at local Restaurant M would be a nice way to end the week.
Having been to M previously I know that they serve a mean Sea Bass ( Zeebaarsfilet met truffelaardappelen en saffraan), and having checked my sparse diary I found myself free :-)
.... it was therefore with pleasant company of  Fiona, Steve O'Regan ( no online profile Steve!) and Kassandra Boyd to look forward to that I cycled across the city to the Food Quarter of..... arriving in time for a small pre supper drink ahead of the meal. - M's MenuKart is a particular delight......
.... my choice, the stuffed tomatoes to start, followed of course by the Sea dessert, however the table did have 2 servings of Eton Mess and 4 spoons :-) there were 2 excellent wines with the first courses,  topped of with a very light  and fruity sherry with the dessert course. 

I must say that there is nothing better than good company and good food to put joy into your heart - and of course to set up the weekend ahead. ( trying to avoid completing my Dutch Tax return until Monday!)

Come on Wales!!!!! - a win for the country and for the memory of Mervyn Davies - a great man.

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