Friday, March 02, 2012


Welcome Rasberry Pi

In the video above Robert Mullins from the Rasberry Pi Project can be seen explaining the simplicity and capacity of the newly released Rasberry Pi (£16) computer. This breakthrough device is a small ( credit card sized) yet powerful computer which runs Linux has multiple connectivity, you of course need a monitor, mouse and keyboard, however there are many of these lying around unused in some schools - as schools are one of the main points of entry for this new device. The computer is a 'bare bones' device which it is hoped will encourage youngsters and schools back to basic computer programming  using applications such as Scratch ( a programming tools from MIT) - see below:
I for one welcome this move back to programming as it will hopefully enthuse a new generation to become more 'hands on' with technology and not to rely too much on 'off the shelf' solutions. Well done Rasberry Pi and good luck for the future.

The site set up by the project to sell the new device has suffered first day nerves and crashed under the weight of interest, I do hope that this is not a sign of things to come and that the Pi is going to be the Sinclair ZX81 for the 21st Century!
The ZX81 was of course a worthy simple device running a for of the BASIC computer language and required programming form the outset... I must admit to having a boxed ZX81 --- my dad has a Sinclair Black Wristwatch from 1975 ( somewhere in a drawer I fancy!)

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