Tuesday, March 06, 2012


It is interesting looking at the image above as the area that the tram is crossing is now a pedestrian  'plein' or square and the pagoda shaped building  in the background is now a flower shop. The colour image below from 1959 shows the tram in much the same position as above heading towards the stop on the plein.

 The number 12 tram still runs on Goudenregenstraat ( left to right in the foreground) stopping still at the tramallte in shot. The tram above is the number 3 which now runs along Lan van Meerdervort ( off the bottom of the map below from 1940 and running parallel with Sportlaan.

Here the 3 or 3A can be seen in 1955 in Goudenregenstraat
I will be taking some modern day images from a similar viewpoint over the weekend and will post the then and now at some point in the near future.

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