Sunday, March 18, 2012


I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity at my stage in life to work and live abroad. My surroundings are comfortable and the work that I do often doesn't feel like work as it is something that I feel such an affinity with.
However these positive times are balanced by too many occasions when I feel that I am so remote from my close family that it hurts! The feeling of detachment for me comes on slowly, and grows to a dark cloud... I usually try to ensure that I remain active as this usually helps to dissipate the melancholia. However this weekend has been relatively sedentary and Skype calls home where I certainly feel that I would be of some use have merely helped to deepen the feelings. I am sure that once the working week begins that I will be able to shake myself out of the malaise and indulge in some meaningful activity. I'm sure that this feeling is not unusual for expats, or those separated in any way from their family.... you can't hug via Skype and 'poking' on Facebook is not quite the same!
Please accept my apologies for the nature of this post, a blog after all is an online diary and life is not 'sweetness and light' all of the time.

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