Thursday, May 31, 2007

** Zoho Notebook **
I recently posted on the Web 2.0 tools from Zoho. I have just caught up with Michelle De Craene's blog, Michelle is using Zoho Notebook online to store her PhD thesis... more of this to follow.
But the tool itself shows great promise as a one stop shop for collaborating online in so many ways. Perhaps the future is to have PC's and Mac's which don't run MS Office or Open Source software taking up precious hard drive space... but we keep our records online and amend them/collaborate over the web... ( ah post MS Office world - just imagine if you will for a moment - in the distance you may see Mr Gates beginning to rotate!!!)
Check out Zoho's demo on Zoho Notebook - with thanks to Michelle, and of course the developers at Zoho.

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Arvind said...

Thanks for taking note of Zoho :-)

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