Monday, May 21, 2007

UK E-Twinning Conference 1st-3rd June (NCSL Nottingham)

I am looking forward to visiting NCSL Nottingham the weekend after next, and to attending the UK E-Twinning Conference, it will be the first time that I will have been to one of these events. I am hoping to catch up with some 'virtual' colleagues and also to network and find out what others groups have been up to.
My class have been involved over the past 6 months or so with the Play to Learn Project, a collaboration of 12 countries looking at how our children Play - in school and -at home. The group is co-ordinated by Daniela Lucci Cordisco in Lazio Italy. It is a very lively group with the blog being updated regularly by the members, plus spin-offs of Skype Conference and Videoconferences being held informally on ocassions. I have to thank Daniela for graciously allowing us to join. My pupils have gained by being able not only to view the work of friends from all over Europe, but also from being able to talk and sing directly to each other. Our latest work is in Playground Games - it is interesting to see similarities and differences between pupils play across the EU from Spain in the West - to Cyprus in the East - to Estonia in the North. If you want more information contact either the British Council or visit the E-Twinning Portal ( registration is free and school groups post requests for partners on this site)
I had been hoping to go to the E-Twinning Conference in Tallin, Estonia on 7th-10th June, originally I applied and was informed that I had not been selected. Kindly Tess from the British Council rang me a week ago giving me first refusal on a place ( I would have loved to have gone to both but this is impractical for me at present (( Report Writing in Progress!!)). So sadly I must forego the opportunity to meet up with Daniela and Kylli from Play to Learn who will both be delegates to the Tallin Conference ... I am sure we will meet up soon!!

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