Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Take a look at a great little web 2.0 tool at zoho. It is provides you with online Microsoft Office compatible tools - w/p, spreadsheet, presentation. This would allow pupils working in school using for example Powerpoint, to upload their powerpoint file to Zoho where it is held online. They can then access this from any pc ( or collaborate with others if they give them the password) without the need to have an expensive version of MS Office, as it is all done online. They can finish off work, correct work, then re-save it to access back in school.
The scope is also for teachers to use this perhaps for reporting/planning as you can access your saved work from anywhere ( perhaps not the beach or by the pool though!!)
This nifty piece of online wizardry was first brought to my attention by John Sutton @ Creative ICT recently - thanks John.

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Arvind said...

Thanks for using Zoho and writing about us here! You are in good company, a lot many educational institutions use Zoho around the globe :-)

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