Monday, May 21, 2007

Allanah King's Presentation for Teach4OnLine Conference

Allanah a good friend of mine and blogging/podcasting colleague was asked to contribute to the upcoming Teach4OnLine conference in New Zealand. Allanah explains in very straightforward terms both the range of Web 2.0 tools which can be used in an educational setting plus more importantly the pedagogy behind actually using them.
It shows very clearly how the use of these tools and applications, improves the ICT skills of pupils, and their view of The World outside their classroom, giving the pupils a voice in a global setting.
Allanah also explains how as educators we need to feel comfortable using the tools before giving ownership to our pupils, but demonstrates the creativity we unlock in our pupils when we take this important step, and the teacher becomes fascillitator, rather than leader of the learning.
Thank you Allanah, an inspiring video for all of those nervously deciding whether it is the right time for them to embark on this path.

** A note on watching the video it plays better if viewed directly from TeacherTube.

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Moturoa said...

Thanks Paul. The video was actually quite fun to make. I generally don't like to be in front of the lens but it wasn't too bad.

If anyone is interested here is a link to my transcript with the website links in it.

Allanah's Show notes

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