Thursday, May 31, 2007

** Do You want to explain Wiki's to someone**
If you do The Common Craft Show's Lee Le Fever has posted a straightforward simple to understand description of :
1) What a Wiki is...
2) How a Wiki works...
Thanks to Sheryl Nussbaum Beach for the link and for trawling YouTube for this video... enjoy.

This is probably the last post of a busy day, but I have found some excellent posts and video clips today - I would say my favourite from a practical point of view is the Zoho Notebook ***** for which I can see immediate application for collaboration, the above What is a Wiki? I think is my second favourite ****.
There is always great new Web 2.0 stuff coming through it is just a case of being able to filter what is useful for teachers and others in the education field.


Rachel Boyd said...

This video is great and certainly one I'll be refering people to.

Rachel, Nelson, NZ

Mr Harrington said...

Yes I hope that CommonCraft do more of these - they are great for showing to those who are unsureof the technology.

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