Tuesday, May 15, 2007

** NextGen Teachers Skype Forum**

Doug Belshaw from NextGen Teachers @ Ning Social Networks organised a Skype Conference on Sunday 13th May @ 6pm GMT.
The meeting was well attended from both sides of the Atlantic :
Doug Belshaw from Teaching.MrBelshaw.
Aaron Smith as the token American voice. (The Art Guy)
Ollie Bray from Scotland,
Kristian Still from Southampton,
Joe Dale from The Isle of Wight,
Leon Cych ( NAACE)
and myself from here in South Wales
The discussion was wide ranging and even though originally billed as 'How we use Web 2.0 tools in Collaboration', we actually covered much more ground teasing out the problem of access, blocking and how we get the work going on in pockets around the UK to a wider audience. It was great to hear Leon from NAACE give some excellent advice and pointers to possible ways forward, even thoughwe perhaps as a group need to develop some 'joined up thinking' as to how we develop the use of Web2.0 and beyond ( Web 3.0 is in the wings waiting to get out!!).

A very interesting discussion if a bit long I know at 55 mins, but the quality of the discussion makes it worth a listen - hopefully not too disjointed by our SkypeOuts at various points. I hope you find the points raised thought provoking.


Joe said...



Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my computer goes into a meltdown every time I try to go to Ning! :-(

Allanah K

Doug Belshaw said...

Thanks for posting this, Paul, and for recording the audio. Hopefully we'll get more people next time and have a Skypecast! :-)

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