Monday, May 28, 2007


Many thanks to Allanah King and Jane Nicholls for giving me the lowdown on what looks like a pretty cool conference which, even though it is happening 11,000 miles away from me in here in Wales, is an Online Conference similar to K12Online.
This means that once you register at the conference page you have access to all of the conference presentations and follow-up sessions. The sessions which I have seen already such as Allanah's and Jane's are great because they speak from a teachers point of view, and how they/we have gone about integrating the new Web 2.0 tools into day to day teaching and how they can be used to enhance skills which you would be teaching anyway, with a greater impact with the pupils as well as allowing you to spread the pupils work around the globe to a 'real' audience.
A home grown example from here in Wales :
On Friday last week we had one of our school Environment Days, where we carry out a number of activities linked to the environment - this year we spent time rather than writing about what we had done - we blogged live on the day about what we were doing as a whole class collaborative writing session. This wasn't even lead by me, but me teaching colleague in a parallel Year 3 class ( who also runs a class blog) asked if she could run the sessions for our kids. I was really pleased this happened, it was a success which we will undoubtedly do again.
However I have drifted from the point ;
If you go to the site now you will be able to see/hear Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach's Keynote Conference Presentation which she runs as a Elluminate Presentation.
I think that this conference is a must attend for all looking at ways of integrating new Read/Write Web tools into their teaching... do take the time to register.


Allanah said...

Thanks for the link there paul.

Can I recommend Dorothy Burt's presentation as well. She talks well of why and how podcasting works so well in her school.


Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach said...

Hi Paul! It is a great conference- I am learning lots. Be sure and get involved in the forum. Stimulating conversation for sure.
My keynote- be sure and check out part 3 that is interviews with three teachers

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