Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I think that it is high time we let our pupils speak up for the new web 2.0 tools that are now becoming more widely used in education. Here are 2 video's from New Zealand the first from Jill Hammonds who asked students at Te Awamutu Intermediate school to talk about their use of blogs and wikis.

The second video is by Rachel Boyd and her class of 6&7 years olds from Room 9 at Nelson Central School. Here they talk freely and enthusiastically about how and why they use blogs in their classroom.

David Warlick recently on his blog where he had put out an appeal that I will repeat here from Jane Nicholls said about teachers using Web 2.0 tools in New Zealand .

"I met Jane Nicholls while working in Dunedin, New Zealand a few months ago, and was so impressed with the enthusiasm of teachers there. The job seemed to be “fun” for them."

"Jane is currently researching the benefits of podcasting and has asked me to forward a request for participation in her research project.

*** ICT U Can!: A request for help:

I am currently undertaking research looking at the question:

In what ways does podcasting enhance oral literacies?

I have been gathering data in my own context but I would love to hear what other teachers have found when using podcasting in their classroom programme and add voices from further a field into my final write up.

I hope that you can help her with this very important question." taken from 2Cents Worth by David Warlick.

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Lynne Crowe said...

Wow- I have been receiving feeds from your blog for a couple of weeks and then I come home tonight to find your link to the video of my students discussing blogs and wikis. I introduced these tools to my class in October last year and its been a real learning curve for all of us. Jill is coming back to my class tomorrow to tape some more conversations - hopefully with better sound quality!
Thanks so much for the link - the students will be amazed that someone in Wales is interested.
Lynne Crowe

madscientistz said...

Hi im one of the students in the video from Te Awamutu Intermediate New Zealand. Did you like the video, we are making another 1 because the sound wasn't good in that one.

Mr Harrington said...

It's great to hear from not one but two people from Te Awamutu Intermediate School New Zealand - teacher Lynne Crowe and one of her students Madscientistz. I look forward to part 2 of the interview carried out by Jill Hammond on blogging and wikis at their school. It is a small world :)

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