Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft Surface

The newly announced "Microsoft Surface", I read about it earlier today on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog

" [Surface is] the first in the company’s new category of surface-computing products that it has touted as “breaking down traditional barriers between people and technology.” Surface has a 30-inch display in a table-like format that can recognize physical objects. It allows, according to Microsoft, “hands-on, direct control of content such as photos, music and maps. … through natural gestures, touch and physical objects.”

Surface can also recognize objects embedded with identification tags similar to bar codes....Surface, as Microsoft sums it up, brings an “opportunity to create technology that would bridge the physical and virtual worlds.”

As Vicki Davis says the new device should be available next year - However news of the device has reached the UK, as it was just shown on the UK ITV 10 o'Clock News. Can I put my order in now??

Thank You for the post Vicki - it looks like a must have tool

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Rachel Boyd said...

Saw this featured on the tv news here in NZ a couple of days ago... it looks amazing (even if I am partial to macs!)

Mr Harrington said...

True rachel -it looks like a brilliant device - I fear it may have some of the usual MS Windows peculiarities when it finally appears.

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