Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last evening an intrepid group of 11 IB  'Foodies' traveled to Rotterdam for dinner at the 2 Michelin Star Parkheuvel Restaurant. Of course the quality of the food and preparation was simply superb. It was amazing the way in which each course built additional flavours on the one before, also the wine selection for each simply worked.
You know that something is working when silence ensues at the table, this certainly happened with the Irish Beef course, when even grown men were heard to swoon...... I must thank Fiona Clark our DP Chemistry CAM and 'foodie in chief' for organising the evening ( we will draw a fine veil over the eventual price.... simple to say, good food is worth it!).
The only unfortunate part of the evening was that on leaving the restaurant at just after midnight the group quite quickly realised that the Rotterdam tram service had largely finished running at midnight.... also at the Rotterdam Centraal Station a further blow was the next train to Den Haag arrived at 2.02am! The shrill cry of TAXI was heard as we were able to find a minibus to take us back to the city, a further taxi home saw me arriving through my front door at 2.15am.....on 21st January... expect Saturday to be a quiet day.

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