Sunday, January 15, 2012


The fact that my grandchildren are having their joint birthday party ahead of the birthdays on 17th January ( Abi 6 and Jaycob 5) has lead me to reminiscing about this weekend 12 months ago. Sunday 16th January 2011 was my last full day in the UK ahead of my work relocation to The Netherlands.
I admit to not having much sleep 12 months ago, partly through the excitement and anticipation of what lay ahead, and partly due to the ridiculously early start that I had the next day in order to catch the 6am flight from Cardiff Airport.
At the time it was hard to get my head around the fact that the day that had first been mooted by the IB Director General in March 2008 ( 3 months after my joining the organisation) during the first presentation given outlining the strategy behind the IB's relocation to 3 new Global hubs had actually arrived.
I must praise the organisation for allowing those considering the move ample opportunity to visit and search out accommodation ahead of the move, and for providing a good standard of support throughout the process.
Thus it was that at around 10 am on Monday 17th January I took up residence at Berberisstraat 78, 2565XC, Den Haag ( orange curtains first floor) with my suitcase containing all that I had until my belongings arrived from the UK 3 days later.
I had of course left behind those that I love most dearly, which is what made the decision to relocate all the harder from the outset.
One year on however it has worked,  a few well timed visits home, along with visits here by many members of the family and of course the use of Skype on a semi regular basis has meant that life goes much as it did before. I have certainly found that the move has given me renewed energy and has proven once again that the maxim of - 'you don't know what you are capable of until you try it' certainly holds true. Going with this saying also saw me move from teaching into my current role after 19 years in the classroom ( who could have seen that coming?)!
I am also aware that with me not being around it has put additional pressure on the general organisation at home, and that I have missed things that I would rather not have ( the birthday party today being one!), on balance taking up the challenge has been good from both a personal and professional standpoint...... I am glad that I chose this option, life is there to be lived and as they rightly say ( whoever 'they are') 'this is not a rehearsal it is the real thing'

Happy Birthday Abi and Jaycob

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AllanahK said...

I'm really pleased it's working out.

All the best for te next year.

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