Sunday, January 08, 2012


Sunday's in The Nederlands remind me of what Sunday's used to be like in the UK, very quiet with few people around and the sound of church bells permeating the crisp morning air. Today followed this pattern, with nothing much to do apart from my Dutch language homework ahead of my lesson on Wednesday I decided to make the most of the good weather and head out.

Having checked the local arthouse cinema (Filmhuis) before leaving for the tram, I noted that as part of the Movies that Matter season that at 2pm this afternoon a film called No more Fear which documents what happened in Tunisia following Mohammed Bouazizi setting fire to himself back in December 2010... the start of what was called the 'Arab Spring' in the west.
The film looks at a select group of people including the blogger A Tunisian Girl who were persecuted by the regime in place at the time, seeing it overthrown in January 2011 as the then leader and his family fled to Saudi Arabia. It was with sadness that reading some of the more recent postings (05-01-2012) from 'A Tunisian Girl' that the removal of the former reviled dictator has not resulted in the restoration of the feedoms that were instigated by the leader who was deposed in a coup by Ben Ali.... it would appear that Tunisia is still in turmoil.

Today's image is a shot of a poster on the wall of the tram halt closest to the cinema.... rather apt.I think?

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